A simple ask

Though we have continued to work on us through date nights and intense conversations, it has been a crazy year since either one of us has blogged on our relationship. Moving in together, getting our respective promotions, and all of the mess of 2020 has really shown what a big tough year we’ve experienced.

For me, the pains of life and growth have been more tolerable because I know that I have you. I know you feel the same. Together we’re an unstoppable force of emotional support grounded in a wonderfully built foundation of intent and vulnerability.

There is nothing we can’t accomplish together. No obstacle we can’t overcome. I readily believe that we can have a fantastic life together. Building a family, a home, a life, these are only some of the big adventures that await us.

Only one question remains before we can start.

My BunBun, my pancakes, my squishy butt, will you marry me?


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